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What is stewardship? Bruce Rockwell, Bishop’s Assistant for Stewardship, describes it this way:

“Stewardship is the way we lead our lives as children of God and as baptized members of God’s household. It is a way of being in the world. It is an attitude which acknowledges that the loving God generously entrusts us with all we have and all we are. As we see ourselves as stewards of God’s creation and disciples of Jesus Christ, we begin to lead lives of stewardship. We become more generous, growing into the image of God. As we become more generous, we experience the grace of God in new ways. As we become people who give joyfully and thankfully to God through God’s church, we empower the Church for mission and ministry. As we become stewards, we experience the sense of offering, of returning to God a portion of what God has so generously entrusted to us. As we make joyful offerings to God, we are drawn closer to God, and our spiritual lives are enriched as we enter into a more intimate loving relationship with Him.”

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